Terme di Saturnia

Saturnia is the center to which our company refers, for its great tourist interest. Everything is due to the well-known Terme di Saturnia (sulphurous water at 37.5 °, whose source has a flow rate of 800 liters per second, guaranteeing continuous purity, with therapeutic properties, which were already exploited thousands of years ago by the Etruscans and Romans.

The spa was founded in the 1930s, but it is in the last ten years that it has grown internationally, to the point of exporting mud and water to the United States. A few hundred meters from the paid spa there is the public one, represented by theCascate del Mulino, a real waterfall of sulphurous water that arises from the introduction of the thermal stream, popularly known as “Gorello” and coming from the source located in the center of the Hotel’s swimming pool, in the Stellata river, thus giving life to a suggestive waterfall of different meters that lies in natural limestone basins, which allow the water to pour continuously into the river below.

In Saturnia there is also an 18 hole golf course, considered among the most competitive in Tuscany which attracts a large number of enthusiasts.