“My first drawing was an olive tree, its branches, its fruits, its knots are still inside me today and accompany me in the realization of my artistic creations. Majolica, ceramics that I decorate one by one, freeing my imagination that is inspired by the colors of my land or by decorations from past eras, perhaps from the time of a previous life of mine. Enamels, pottery, objects that are part of me and that are the memory of this territory in which, perhaps, you will find things that belong to you “. Roberta Tistarelli

In the farmhouse you can follow the pottery courses held by Roberta. You can combine a holiday in Maremma and the Saturnia thermal baths with the discovery of the art of ceramics. Roberta handcrafted beautiful artistic ceramics: objects capable of embellishing any table or environment where they are placed.

The production includes table sets, vases, jugs and majolica made with simple decorations, suggested by the characteristic and unmistakable Maremma landscape. Visiting the farmhouse you will see how Roberta’s ceramics blend perfectly with the rustic and elegant atmosphere of our Tuscan farmhouse.

The process

The realization of the objects takes place through a series of more or less complicated and lengthy procedures. The artifact is first created in the desired shape and then the first biscuit firing is carried out. It is then glazed by immersion in vats where the glaze was previously dissolved with water, and the superfluous parts and imperfections retouched.

When it has dried, it is decorated using chemical colors diluted with water; we use brushes that have a very soft hair. The decorations are of different types and represent various periods or they are floral patterns, moreover it is possible to create personalized decorations.

It is then cooked in the oven for about 12 hours after which you have to wait for it to cool slowly before taking them out to see how they came. It is a long wait but when the vase or other comes out it is always a pleasure.

The purchase

If you are interested in purchasing items online or would like information on ceramic courses, feel free to contact us.

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