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  • welcome

    Welcome to the Tuscan countryside. Authentic farmhouse holidays in the Maremma area.

    The Aia della Colonna is a 240 hectares estate standing on the gently sloping Tuscan hills between Mount Amiata and the Argentario Coast, only 10 km from the Saturnia Spa. For more than fifty years, the Tistarelli family has been looking after this land and its fruits with its model biological farm. The Agritourism farmhouse is a comfortable retreat where you can enjoy genuine Tuscan hospitality and its delicious Maremma dishes. On the Farm, healthy and excellent quality meat, homemade salamis and first class honey are produced and sold. The Laboratory of Artistic Ceramics is Roberta’s place of creative passion where she moulds clay so as to give it the shapes and colours of the soil it comes from. The Tuscan Maremma.

The Agritourism. A relaxing getaway in Tuscany.

The Saturnia Spa is the ideal place where spending an amazing getaway. On your arrival, you will be welcomed by mamma Livia e by Roberta who will help you to discover the delights of Aia della Colonna. The Agritourism, with its 6 bedrooms and 2 apartments with private bathrooms and independent entrances, is warmly welcoming just like the smiles which you will be surrounded by. In the living room with its open, wood fireplace, sculptures of light and relaxation areas, you will be served your country breakfast rich in the farm’s biological products. By booking in advance, you can dine there as well, on fresh and genuine products straight from our farm, tasting typical Tuscan dishes and excellent Morellino di Scansano D.O.C. wine.

Enjoy the peace and quiet of the gentle Tuscan hills with us, and as in a Country Resort, make the most of the romantic trips available, from the famous Saturnia Spa to the medieval hamlets scattered over and around the Maremma countryside right down to the sea on the Argentario Coast.

  • Rates

    Bedroom with two beds ………………………………………………………€ 90,00
    Double Bedroom …………………………………………………………………€ 100,00
    Dream’s Bedroom ……………………………………………………………….€ 110,00
    Price for 2 persons per day with breakfast

    Apartment “Il Melograno”(2 persons) ………………………………….€ 110,00
    Apartment “La Libellula”(4 persons) ……………………………………€ 180,00
    Prices per day

  • Included Services

    • Bed linen
    • Kitchen
    • Private Bathroom
    • Exclusive use of veranda and barbecue
    • Cambio biancheria
    • Bathrobe
    • Fresh seasonal flowers
    • Tv, Fridge
    • English and French are spoken
    • Hairdryer
    • Kitchenware
    • Car park

  • On Demand Service

    • Dinner
    • Biological product tasting
    • Mountain Bikes to rent
    • Archery
    • Horse riding excursions
    • Fishing in the lake
    • Photographic Hunt
    • Hiking and Golf
    • Wellness and massage treatments
    • Hot-air Balloon
    • Saturnia Spa entrance tickets

Reservation Policy

Reservation Policy

You must present 40% of the total rental amount deposit to secure your reservation.
House rules agreement.
€ 500 safe deposit (for less than a week rental, the deposit is € 500) in advance of your arrival, that will be returned to you at your departure if there is no damage to the property.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation within 30 days from the expected arrival date ensures 50% returned deposit
• From the 29th until the last day before your expected arrival, there is no returned deposit
• Early departure does not return the deposit

Our Local Products. Buy our delicious meats.

Inside this farmhouse complex is a laboratory for the preparation and processing of beef, pork and mutton that are sold directly from the farm to the public. The cellars, particularly suitable for the seasoning of meats, produce various salamis using craftsmen’s techniques and without using additives of any kind at all. In a charming little shop, you can taste and buy seasoned sausages, ‘ammazzafegato’ (a typical Maremma salami), salami, chine of pork, bacon, ‘guanciale’ (lard from the pig’s cheek)’, ham and lard. Fresh meat can be purchased by ordering in advance, while its packaging and delivery are organized according to each order and to the client’s needs.

The Farm. Our land and its genuine products.

The Aia della Colonna is a biological farm spreading over 240 hectares and stands in the heart of the Tuscan countryside in the Upper Valley of Albegna, in the rocky Saturnia area. Our farm is a place of great educational value. Come and discover it for yourself and you will see that, thanks to the care and hard work put into it by Gerardo and Roberto, father and son, it is a truly unique and unforgettable experience. The biological products range from healthy and delicious Maremma veal to that of Apennine lamb, from genuine ‘cinta senese’ cold cuts to the excellent honey made by the hard-working bees thriving in beehives down in the valley.

For years, our farm has been working in the breeding of Maremma cows in the wild, ‘Cinta Senese’ pigs, and Apennine sheep. With respect for the Maremma tradition, Maremma horses, suitable for working with cattle living in the wild, have been bred on the farm with love and devotion. In the farm yard, young, free-range cocks, chickens and all the other traditional farm yard animals run about.

Our Local Products. Buy our delicious meats.

Inside this farmhouse complex is a laboratory for the preparation and processing of beef, pork and mutton that are sold directly from the farm to the public. The cellars, particularly suitable for the seasoning of meats, produce various salamis using craftsmen’s techniques and without using additives of any kind at all. In a charming little shop, you can taste and buy seasoned sausages, ‘ammazzafegato’ (a typical Maremma salami), salami, chine of pork, bacon, ‘guanciale’ (lard from the pig’s cheek)’, ham and lard. Fresh meat can be purchased by ordering in advance, while its packaging and delivery are organized according to each order and to the client’s needs.The sale of cold cuts, either to private buyers or restaurants, takes place directly in the farm or via a delivery service by means of a private express mail company. If you should wish to order our meat online, you can choose from the products listed below and contact us directly by email or by phone: +39 0564 986110

"Cinta Senese" Cold Cuts

Seasoned sausages: According to the Maremma tradition, sausages are the most commonly found and the most famous of all the salamis of the farming world. They are made with bits and pieces of pork (cinta senese – meat coming from the countryside immediately surrounding Siena) with sweet Cervia salt, pepper, and a little red pepper. Carefully matured in the cellars for 4 months. Stagionato rigorosamente in cantina per 4 mesi.

Ammazzafegato: According to the Maremma tradition, the ‘ammazzafegato’ (literally, liver killer) is one of the oldest salamis known, made out of the red parts of pork (cinta senese) with sweet, Cervia salt, pepper, red pepper and garlic. Carefully matured in the cellars for 4 months, before being served on the cutting board with plain Tuscan bread.

Flank or Fillet steak: The flank is considered the most noble part of the animal, and is commonly known as fillet; historically speaking, it was the part of the pig reserved first of all for the Liege Lord. Seasoned by hand with Cervia salt, pepper, red pepper, laurel and field balm, it is then rolled up in straw paper to be carefully matured in the cellars for 5 months, before being served.

"Cinta Senese" Cold Cuts

Capocollo [Pork neck salami] (also called Coppa): Pork neck salami comes from the front part of the animal (its neck) and is also known as ‘coppa’; it is considered to be one of the least noble parts of the animal even though it is extremely tasty. In cooking tradition, after the pre-Easter fasting and abstinence of Lent, the senses were re-awakened by its intense flavour. Seasoned by hand with Cervia salt, pepper, red pepper and wild fennel seeds, it is then rolled up in straw paper and carefully matured in the cellars for 5 months.

Poor Culatello ham (made exclusively by the Tistarelli family): According to the Maremma tradition, the shoulder was the strongly flavoured ‘fatty’ part, and known as shoulder muscle. Roberto Tistarelli, in order to satisfy the latest food tendencies, eliminates the fatty part while maintaining intact the intense flavour of this delicious meat. He has thus created a new product rich in strong flavours. In cooking tradition, it was the second part which was eaten in spring, together with broad beans; but now, more than ever, it is offered as a classic, cold sliced meat, even better when served with a glass of good red wine. Seasoned by hand with Cervia salt, pepper, red pepper and garlic, it is then rolled up in straw paper and carefully matured in the cellars for 6 months.

"Cinta Senese" Cold Cuts

Guanciale [Lard from the pig’s cheeks]: According to Maremma tradition, the ‘guanciale’ is the front part of the animal (its cheek) and is used in cooking as a complementary ingredient in traditional sauces, together with vegetables and other meats; it is known for its rich and strong flavour that is even more intense on a slice of warm bread. Seasoned by hand with Cervia salt, pepper and red pepper, it is hung and carefully matured in the cellars for 3 months before being served.

Bacon or "Pancetta": Bacon is the part of the animal (the stomach ‘pancia’) that is used in cooking as a complementary ingredient in traditional sauces, together with vegetable and other meats. Seasoned by hand with Cervia salt, pepper and red pepper, it is hung and carefully matured in the cellars for 3 months before being served.

"Cinta Senese" Cold Cuts

Ham: According to the Maremma tradition, ham is the most famous salami and is made from the rear part of the animal (shank). It is the most important salami due to its way of being matured and for its preparation times. In icongraphical tradition as seen in the “Buongoverno dei Lorenzetti” [14th century Siena frescoes painted by Andrea Lorenzetti] and up to the present day, the ‘cinta senese’ has always been considered to be the finest Tuscan pork par excellence and in every medieval lord’s banquet, the king of all the salamis had to be on the table, preferably hand sliced with a knife and served with traditional plain Tuscan bread. Seasoned by hand with Cervia salt, pepper, red pepper, and always cleaned by hand with wine vinegar, it must be carefully matured in the cellars for more than 18 months, before being served.

"Cinta Senese" Cold Cuts

Fresh, ‘cinta senese’ meat: For banquets and celebratory feasts, fresh pork is one of the most appreciated dishes. Roast or spitroasted pork, as in ancient times, are the favourite ways of eating it but anybody can enjoy discovering antique, medieval recipes using a sweet and sour sauce, or the traditional roast sucking pig is perfect for every occasion. We supply this meat, if ordered on request.

Maremma Veal

Fresh Maremma Veal: in order to satisfy all the family’s needs, you can buy a special offer product where we select special cuts of beef of the same size to make up a complete “Family Packet”. This is made up of steaks, boiled meat, mince, stew, ‘ossobuco’ (typical Italian dish made from the marrowbone), roast beef, tender slices and cutlets. This biological meat, rich in Maremma flavours as all our animals are strictly bred in the wild, can be cooked and served in a simple and healthy manner so as to bring out its strong flavour; or unusual combinations can be made whilst always maintaining its nutritional qualities. It must be ordered and can be sent in special containers holding dry ice.

Apennine Lamb

Fresh Lamb: This has been a characteristic breed of sheep of the area since the 1960’s together with the Spanish-Maremma-Bastard breeds; these sheep are defined as being a variety of an Apennine breed descending from an ancient, native species that were sometimes subject to crossbreeding attempts. Nowadays, they are an endangered species and needs a rational plan of genetic identification and reproductive conservation. Genetically, it is a frugal and highly rustic type of sheep which has adapted itself to marginal places where they can enjoy pastures, woody areas, stubble, fields lying fallow and grass growing on the verge, and anything else they can find. It is of an average size with a light bone structure and its head has a mountain profile. The ewes have horns but most male sheep have horns, too, with small and horizontal ears, slender neck, compact body, hairless stomach and limbs, partially tight fleece with dull-white ringlets, rarely with black or brown marks, average height to its withers is 69 centimetres.

Roberta’s Pottery Lab

“My first drawing was that of an olive tree, its branches, fruit, and its knotty feeling which is still within me and accompanies me in the realization of my artistic creations. Majolicas, ceramics which I decorate one at a time, letting my imagination run loose and which are actually inspired by the colours of the land surrounding me or by decorations from the past, perhaps from a previous life of mine. Enamels, earthenware, objects that are a part of me and that act as a memory of this area where perhaps you will find something that even belongs to you,too.” Roberta Tistarelli.

Ceramics. To make a ceramic object, there is a series of more or less complicated and lengthy procedures to follow. First the object must be created in the desired shape; then you proceed to its first ‘biscuit’ or bisque firing. Next, it must be glazed by immersing it in tubs where the enamel has already been melted in water, and then its surface and any imperfections must be touched up. When it has been dried out, it is decorated using chemical colours diluted in water; very soft paint brushes must be used. These decorations can be of various kinds and may represent drawings or designs of the past; or they can be based on floral designs, or else on highly personalized decorations.

Then, the objects must be baked in an oven or kiln for approximately 12 hours, after which you must wait until they are cold before pulling them out to see the final result. It is difficult to wait for so long but when the vase or whatever you have made, finally emerges, it is always a source of great pleasure.

If you are interested in buying Roberta’s ceramics online, you can contact her at +39 0564 986110 or by e-mail: She will undoubtedly be able to advise you on the choice to make from amongst her pieces for interior decoration which are all carefully finished with love and care.

Her production includes dinner services, vases and majolicas, realized with simple decorations, and inspired by the characteristic and unmistakable Maremma landscape.

Where We Are Slide 1

Where we are. Discovering Tuscan Maremma

The Aia della Colonna farm stands 12 km from Saturnia and a couple of kilometres from the ancient hamlet of Usi, in the midst of the century-old, peaceful atmosphere of cypress trees rising along the first, high hills which then become the slopes of Mount Amiata. This is the Municipality of Roccalbegna, an interesting centre dating back to the Middle Ages where the River Albegna, the most important river in the Maremma area, begins its course. It takes about a 30 minute drive from here to reach the top of Mount Amiata and about 50 minutes to arrive at the sea, in the Argentario area.

At the Saturnia crossroad, about 1 km beyond the Spa, instead of climbing up into the village, follow the road on the right for about 2 km going towards Arcidosso-Semproniano, until you can take a left turn for Usi; follow the Usi road for about 8 km until you reach the Aia della Colonna farm on your left after a series of bends... [continue]

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Our Tuscan Maremma

The Maremma area is a land of a thousand different aspects. Aia della Colonna is situated in a specially advantageous position for trips and excursions all around the area, of never more than an hour’s drive. You can enjoy totally different experiences ranging from Mount Amiata to the Argentario Coast, passing through ancient hamlets, vineyards, olive groves and areas of enormous historical-archeological interest. We have chosen for you three areas which can be fully enjoyed, starting from the Aia della Colonna farm...

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Saturnia Spa Town and the Thermal Baths

Saturnia is a centre which is a point of reference for our farm due to its considerable tourist interest. This is mainly due to the well-known Saturnia Spa and its Thermal Baths (sulphurous waters at a temperature of 37.5°) from whose spring water flows at 800 litres per second, thus guaranteeing its constant purity and its therapeutic qualities, which were already exploited thousands of years ago by the Etruscans and Romans. The Spa was created in the 1930’s but it is only in the past ten years that it has become internationally famous, even so far as now exporting its mud-baths and waters to the U.S.A. Near the private Spa stands the public spa in the Cascate del Mulino [the Mill Waterfall], a real sulphurous waterfall which springs from its crossing with the thermal stream, commonly called the “"Gorello", arising from a spring situated in the centre of the Hotel’s swimming pool, in the River Stellata, thus creating a romantic waterfall several metres high which falls into natural, calcareous basins which continuously pour the water out into the underground river. At Saturnia, there is an 18-hole Golf Course, considered to be one of the most competitive in Tuscany and that attracts a huge number of golf enthusiasts.

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Roccalbegna and Mount Amiata

Roccalbegna is the nearest village to the Aia della Colonna farm. It is, in fact, a village entrenched on Mount Amiata’s slopes, dominated by the "Sasso" , an enormous mountain rock which hangs over the village and from which the River Albegna, the largest in the area, springs. It is a truly delightful hamlet with its medieval remains and the Romanesque Church of San Pietro (12th century).

The Amiata is the mountain which dominates the whole Maremma area, 1738 metres above sea level, divided between the provinces of Grosseto and Siena, and rich in historical fascination. With its excellent skiing facilities, it is perfect for a day’s skiing without having to go as far as the Alps; but it is also equally ideal in summer for long walks in the woods, looking for mushrooms and for peace and quiet. Amiata’s chief town is Arcidosso, a very practical centre and with a charming historical centre to visit. A few kilometres away lies Santa Fiora with its Peschiera [15th century Fishpond] and the River Fiora’s spring, the area’s main river. Casteldelpiano and Abbadia San Salvadore (on the Siena side) are also worth a visit. If you want to go on some lovely naturalistic excursions around Mount Amiata, we would advise you to visit the Pescinello Natural Reserve (near Roccalbegna), the WWF ‘Bosco dei Rocconi’ Oasis (near Semproniano) and Mount Amiata’s Fauna Park.

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The Towns of Tuff

Sovana is undoubtedly this area’s prettiest village. It is a medieval and perfectly preserved hamlet with its roads, houses and churches dating back to the Middle Ages. It is a true delight to spend a day there, perhaps having lunch in one of its excellent restaurants and going shopping in its characteristic craftmen’s workshops, after having paid a visit to the fascinating Etruscan Necropolis. Ildebrando da Sovana who became Pope Gregory VII was born here and was one of the most important popes in Medieval History.

Pitigliano, Completely entrenched on a tuff spur, is very famous for its long history going back to medieval times when it was the Church State’s important city centre, after which it was the main town under the Orsini family. Amongst its romantic little lanes, carved out of tuff, you can find various craftmen’s workshops as well as the Synagogue in the centre of the Jewish Ghetto, which was a meeting place for the area’s Jewish community during the war.

Sorano is smaller than Pitigliano but nonetheless, no less fascinating, with its historical centre made of little lanes fitting one into the other, with its old shops and with its Fortezza Senese (Siena Fortress) which dominates the tuff rock on which the village stands.
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